The Amazing Kreskin plays “Cupid”

Posted by admin On April - 20 - 2007
Facilitating proposal… Leading to marriage! cupid1.jpgKreskin performed a private performance on July 1, 2006 at the home of Rider McDowell, a best selling novelist, movie producer and writer. The guests were family and friends gathered at Rider and his wife, Victoria’s summer home in New Jersey, which had been built in the 1700’s. NOW - It has always been Kreskin’s policy never to meet his audience before the program……… A couple of hours before the program, Kreskin asked Rider if he could hand an envelope to someone that would be trusted without opening it. Rider presented his sister. Kreskin gave her the envelope and cautioned her not to break the seal and keep it in her possession; which she promised to do. A few minutes later, Rider and his brother, Donald McDowell came to Kreskin; at which point Donald shared with Kreskin, his feelings – that he was very much in love with a lady that he brought to the house that evening and his family just adored her. Kreskin then informed him that he really didn’t want to know much about the family as he did not want it to jeopardize the integrity of his thought reading performance and that was the end of the conversation. At start of performance, Kreskin presented a piece of physical mystery in which he borrowed a number of finger rings from members of the audience. It was only a prelude to the rest of the performance that dealt with his thought reading abilities. At the end of the program, two hours later, Kreskin and Rider’s sister come forward. Kreskin had almost felt that she had read his thoughts she eluded to her brother who had met him for a few minutes early in the day. When Donald came forward Kreskin asked him for someone he was close to come forward as well. He then mentioned his lady friend, Danette. Before everyone; who were all closely seated in the living room, stood his sister who was carrying an envelope (the contents of which he was totally unaware of), her brother and his friend. Kreskin asked Rider’s sister to hand the envelope to her brother, who held up to the light, the envelope, which was still sealed and contents could not be perceived. At this moment, Kreskin had pointed out that he had written a message earlier that very morning - 9:00 a.m. and Kreskin had NOT discussed this with any one. Kreskin then pointed out projections of thoughts into her mind. The final thought was simply a request that she think of some part of the world, a city, any city in the world, that she would like to go to and she made up her mind almost immediately; she said Paris. When the envelope was opened; the contents coincided with the thoughts he had projected into her mind, a name - a first name, a series of digits, and yes the last was the city - Paris. This was the climax of the performance as they returned to their seats, but as an afterthought Kreskin asked them to come forward because he had explained to everyone that there was something of the synchronicity about these last minutes of his program. Kreskin turned to the sister and asked, why she thought of Paris? She was very quick to point out that there was no other city she would consider because it was in Paris that her husband proposed to her. At that point, something made Kreskin turn to Rider’s brother - Donald and he looked at him and Kreskin could see emotions coming over him, his eyes watering as Kreskin said “is there something you are thinking about?” There were intensely, emotionally seconds that passed as he at first with hesitation, reached into his pocket and took out a small package, wrapped in some kind of paper. When he opened it, it turns out it he was holding a ring. He turned to his lady friend, Danette, while in front of the entire audience, proposed to her. It was obviously a most moving scene – a first in Kreskin’s career. This was a first; that anyone had ever in Kreskin’s performance, proposed marriage. cupid2.jpg As Kreskin reflects back upon the synchronicity; the irony in the beginning of the program, conducting an effect with rings; at end of program, Kreskin projected a city, decided upon earlier that day into the mind of someone he had never met before. Kreskin asked the reason and found out Paris was the city where Rider’s sister was proposed to; Kreskin thought “oh my goodness,” rings in the beginning, the city signifying a proposal and here in turning to her brother, Donald, who was carrying a ring and proposed - as if these two factors somehow compelled him into these actions. On May 13, 2007 Donald McDowell, writes…… Hello Kreskin, I hope this e-mail finds you well. We just wanted to send you a wedding photo from our celebration March 15th on the island of Bequia in the West Indies. Our friends love the story of our special engagement which you helped make possible. Take care and have a great summer. Don and Danette McDowell Kreskin sends his special thoughts and wishes to the newlywed couple for a glorious life together.
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