The Havana Syndrome

Posted by admin On October - 20 - 2021

KRESKIN INC: 10/20/2021


“The Havana Syndrome”

Roseland, NJ 10/19/2021: Legendary Mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin, has something to say when it comes to anything regarding the mind, especially ‘The Power Of Suggestion.” In the October publication of Psychology Today, a lead article focuses on something called, ‘The Havana Syndrome.’  It was first experienced around 2017 in Cuba, it’s said to create fatigue, memory problems, nausea, ear pain, dizziness and even “brain damage”.  Kreskin wondered how a rumor like this is created.  A new term came out not long after called, “Suggestion”.  The Amazing One actually helped popularize “Suggestion” in July 1981 when he was tried by a jury, sued by a hypnotist who claimed he should collect the $50,000 Kreskin offered because he could prove a hypnotic trance.  The trial was swiftly won by Kreskin reconfirming there is no evidence such a trance exists.

Today this global experiment was re-experienced in China, and dozens of other countries, and it was not some electronic powerful machinery, it is what is titled the Havana Syndrome.  It spread like wildfire because the more people you have talking about it, the more powerful a “suggestion” can become. The altered response of people was not caused by some special weapon, that theory was even mentioned in a report by the AMA.  Kreskin has traveled the world over and produced by pure ‘suggestion phenomena’ paralyzing scores of people, creating change of temperature, and making it impossible for his subjects to speak or walk. Kreskin says he didn’t use a special hypnotic state to achieve this, but alas it was the power of suggestion that elicited these responses. 

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