The Kreskin Experience

Posted by admin On February - 2 - 2021

The Amazing Kreskin will soon be hosting his long anticipated series of Zoom training sessions entitled, “The Kreskin Experience”. The ‘experience’ will be intimate, and possibly life changing. Sessions will be limited to 15 people. Guests will be trained personally by Kreskin to tune into their innermost potentials. They will also be taught how to tap into successful directions of thinking. Ultimately guests will have the ability to utilize these ‘amazing’ tools for the rest of their lives. At the conclusion of the ‘Kreskin Experience’ guests will have access to mental abilities to achieve successes they’ve only dreamed about. Although reading minds like Kreskin may not be in the cards, attending this ‘amazing’ training we will certainly learn how to read our own minds.

*Please include your address in comments, so we can send you contents that pertain to the experience.

This show will be conducted via zoom. A zoom link will be provided upon purchase of ticket.

For tickets click the link below.

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