The Power of Mass Suggestion in Society

Posted by admin On July - 9 - 2012

As if the contagious social phenomena, which yours truly stated blatantly was pure auto-suggestion, namely the girls who came down with the inexplicable tics and spasms in LeRoy, New York, lest we think it stopped there, let alone the girls in Quebec, Canada a month or so ago who did not come out of the “hypnotic trance” until hours later when the master hypnotist had to release them, we have a further example of sociological suggestion taking on an incredible power when we find recently on Friday, individuals were taken from the Monmouth County Courthouse in New Jersey with all kinds of uncomfortable breathing experiences.

Every sign of it, from cleaning fluid to flowers, you name it, was cleansed from the building. Are you sitting down? The courthouse has to be closed for almost a week. Like the girls in New York, you had chemical experts and I’m sure other individuals with special interests coming in to decontaminate. Guess what? The physical cause, there was none. Once more we have a phenomena of powerful social suggestion. No, we’re not going to say it’s mass hysteria, that’s a derogatory, imbecilic term put together by half-baked psychologists, which really doesn’t explain the phenomena. This has nothing to do with mental illness. This has been repeated endless times, but when you consider this recent infection, it shows something I have been lecturing about and demonstrating in my concerts around the world, and that is the wonderful power of a force we’ve overlooked, suggestion. The real question now is, why is it even effective today on a sociological level? Why is social contamination of ideas even effective in a highly-educated society?

That’s the story that I can discuss and yes, demonstrate.

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