Posted by admin On July - 12 - 2010
I am tremendously excited to notify you of the return of my television series…The Amazing World of Kreskin. Thirty-two years ago, even yours truly could not foresee that we would be viewing in the year 2010 some 30 shows of the 5 ½ year series. It is being made available on the website after almost 9 months of negotiations. Believe it or not, each show has a sponsor. Do you know in the first 2 seasons of the series, The Amazing World of Kreskin became the second highest rated program in all of Canada. Within months it went international and was seen all over the world. What became a precedent in my series is that an edict was handed down by the head of the CTV network which originated the show. Namely, Kreskin’s program was not to be touched, that is the contents were not to be altered or tampered with. As incredible as it may sound, I was given free reign with the program! The head of the network was such a fan that he ordered all the officials who oversaw the program to stay away and not interfere with the show itself. I wanted to share with you this extraordinary development. You can access the serieson: HULU: Videosurf: Youtube: ESPecially, Kreskin
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