This year, the town of Caldwell, NJ has been celebrating the 100th Anniversary of its public library.  When Kreskin was a youngster, he only lived lived a block away.  He would regularly visit the library after school.  By the time he reached 6th or 7th grade, he had read practically every single book in the entire children’s library, which numbered in the thousands.  He was then given permission to read from the adult library.

A special event is taking place tonight at 6:30pm, as the library has decided to securely seal a time capsule, symbolically commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the library.  The time capsule will not to be opened until 50 years from now (2067)!  A couple of items memorable to Kreskin’s early career are being included.  Last night Kreskin made a dramatic decision: He has prepared a prediction, which will be enclosed in that time capsule and will not be revealed until 50 years from now.

It is the longest range prediction he has ever made in his career!

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to “TODAY : Kreskin Delivering a 50-Year Prediction Which Will Be Sealed In A Time Capsule”

  1. Eunicia S . says:

    A greeting from a gorgeous morning!
    On the occasion of fulfilling of 100 years of the existence of the
    library, to which young child and teenager avid after reading,enriched his
    knowledge day by day, TODAY Nov.17,2017 a brilliant idea will materialize !
    Congratulations! After 50 years The Amazing Kreskin it will be as lively and unique as it is today, and generations will remember with pleasure and respect . Have a wonderful day ! E.

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