Virginia Tech Shooting

Posted by admin On April - 19 - 2007
I have very deep personal reasons for commenting on the Virginia Tech tragedy; in which at least 32 students have been killed. Having performed there on two occasions in a full evening concert in which I tune in on the thoughts of students and teachers, I feel a repertoire, not only with them but with universities all over the Western world in which I have appeared and in any other setting where there are crowds of people. I realize Congress has already had a moment of silence and the President is going to pass his few words. Regarding Congress, it is just too late. I find it repugnant at this point, to reflect upon what they have done to handle this crisis situation where people can be mowed down with the greatest of ease. This is considered the highest shooting tragedy in American history. My prediction: it’s only the beginning. Will Congress with their vested special interests wait until 100 are killed to take this seriously? No they will not. They will only take it seriously, when some of their own children are amongst the innocent victims. I’ve watched on television, the suggestion of Geiger counters, X-ray devices, the machinery we use at airports which I go through every day, the wand to check people all of which is immensely impractical and unrealistic. If that is the case, and that becomes the rule, then we have to make sure this system is implemented in every single university, every single church, every single theater and every single stadium. For as I sitting here not as a thought reader or a mentalist or a predictor of the future, I can easily say that this incident will easily happen in larger settings. No question about it. The tools are available. This could not have taken place 60 years ago, because automatic weapons that were able to kill in a matter of seconds were not accessible to the average person. In recent months, aside from my entertainment, I have spent time with training programs with law enforcement officials. But they cannot predict the future and they cannot walk through town, mentally perceiving whoever potential homicidal maniac is. This is a crisis situation and I am afraid that so far none of the pundits that have appeared in the media today have offered a solution. Kreskin
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