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Posted by kreskin On January - 6 - 2012
Last evening, January 5, 2012, for 90 minutes, I had a remarkable experience attending The New Stage Theatre Company’s play, HYPNOTIK: THE SEER WILL DOCTOR YOU NOW. It is remarkable that over a dozen highly-talented thespians each take individual roles during the production and shine in the macabre drama of their hidden personalities. I found the writing of the play damned ingenious. Taking a stage hypnotist in a German setting during the 1920’s was to me the key to the diabolical ensemble. Stage hypnotism was extraordinarily popular at that time, and for the players to be members of “an audience” who volunteer and then under the trance reveal bizarre elements of their past was refreshingly captured not only in the acting but the lighting and choreography of the play. Talk about a lesson for production people! When I reflect upon the play, I realize that there was really no special equipment, but through the lighting and the positioning of the performers, you were almost left with the impression you were watching a massive stage production. That, along with intriguing and provocative costumes, completed the portrait the production people made. With the intimacy of the theatre, I found HYPNOTIK absolutely mesmerizing, which is ideally appropriate when watching a Svengali-like hypnotist.   The Amazing Kreskin PS: I wanted to share this with you folks….one of the most remarkable moments I’ve seen on the stage in a long time is the moment when the hypnotist places his first subject dramatically in a trance. What follows is a moment I could imagine being in a fine, silent movie, and that is the hypnotized subject standing there immobilized without a single motion or quiver, for what seems like an eternity. I thought that was brilliant stage craft and very fine acting.
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