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With a showman's flair,  a comedian's wit, and capacities of a bon a fid Mentalist or thought reader, The Amazing Kreskin has, for 7 decades. Dramatized the Uniques Facets of the human mind. His very name has become and integral part of the pop culture lexicon throughout the world. 

Kreskin began dazzling audience with his mental acuity as early as nine years old, when he was still known as George Kresge of Montclair, New Jersey. It wasn't long before he grew into his well-earned moniker, The Amazing Kreskin, and the rest is history. 


The Adventures of The Amazing Kreskin is a combination of pictorial memoir and comic book with highlights from his illustrious career. From Mike Douglas to Johnny Carson to Jimmy Fallon, Kreskin is a favorite of talk show hosts who have never figured out "how he does it"


A professor of psychology at Kreskin's Alma Mater, Seton Hall University, Frank Murphy, was quoted, "Kreskin has developed a strikingly unique and different method of communciation, which may take more than fifty years to become common."


He calls himself a mentalist, nothing more, nothing less. He maintains that power of suggestion and strength of concentration are keys to what he does. 

The Adventures of The Amazing Kreskin

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